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Kavya @ Mammootty Son Wedding Reception Stills

Kavya Madhavan attended Megastar Mammootty's Son Dulquar Salman Wedding Reception.  Find the Photographs

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Vellaripravinte Changathi Movie Review

Director Akku Akbar’s Vellaripravinte Changathi is about a cinema-within-cinema. There are visuals of an old film, which was shot in the 1970’s and then, the story investigates what happened to the characters later on. You have to admire the honesty with which the film has been made, but still one can’t help feeling that this one could have been much better!

Manikkunju (Indrajith) gets a job in the famous Gemini film lab and soon after, he finds a film can where the reels of an unfinished 1970’s film titled Vellaripravinte Changathi that never got released, at some corner of the store room. The film had two newcomers in the lead- Shajahan, who played Ravi (Dileep) and Mary Varghese, who played Sulekha (Kavya).

Now we watch the whole film along with Manikkunju and a few others, inside a preview theatre. The film, which is said to have a path breaking story, turns out to be a rather boring romance between a Hindu boy and his neighbor, a Muslim girl.

It is soon told that the lead pair was having a torrid romance, during the shooting of the film. Once the preview is over, the attention shifts to the question of what happened to the love birds after the shooting. And things end up in a rather disappointingly melodramatic way.

The obvious question here is; which one is the actual romance in the film? Is it the reel life affair between Ravi and Sulekha or the real life one between Shajahan and Mary Varghese?

In all fairness, director Akku Akbar and scenarist G S Anil have tried to have a different pattern, but it is just that they failed to package it in a spectacular way. The cinematographers, Vipin Mohan and Sameer Haq, have done a good job. Music director Mohan Sithara’s tunes are superb and the music takes the viewer to those years, in a highly effective way.

If you are ready to forget his mimicry of Prem Nazir’s style during one of the scenes and his odd make up during the final sequences, Dileep has done a decent job. As always, Kavya looks the same in all the phases and here it is all too evident when she acts in her trademark style even in the 70’s as well. The rest of the cast including Manoj K Jayan, Indrajith, Sai Kumar, Vijayaraghavan, Ramu and Mamukoya have done their parts pretty well.

It is evident that some real hard work has gone into the making of Vellaripravinte Changathi , which should be appreciated. But still, the film ends up as a half baked one, at best. 

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Kavya, happy with her dubbing

After some time, Kavya Madhavan is pretty happy with the good Box Office run of his 'Venicile Vyapari' for more than one reason. Apart from being the heroine of the movie,that too with Mammootty , Kavya is also appreciated for the dubbing of her character in her own voice.

Kavya complains that she is not always allowed to dub for her characters, as the voices of dubbing artists are preferred over her husky, baser voice with a slight Neeleshwaram accent. But whenever she had dubbed for her characters, she had been able to do more justice to her on-screen performances.

Kavya had lent her voice for a few more recent films like 'Gaddhama' and 'Bhakthajanangalude Shradhakku'. But directors of films like   'Christian Brothers', and 'China Town' opted for other voices to fill the screen face of the actress who had been honoured many times with the State Awards for great acting performances.

Vellaripravinte Changathi postponed to Christmas Day

The Dileep Kavya romantic and nostalgic Akku Akbar directed Vellaripravinte Changathi , which was to release on Friday has been pushed by two days to Christmas day (December 25). 

The film has been postponed due to delay in completion and censoring of the film.  It is releasing in 70 odd screens in Kerala.

 Vellaripravinte Changathi is  ‘cinema within cinema’ and talks about the off screen romance of a lead pair, during the making of their debut film in the 1970's. 

The film was never completed and the reels of the film are now recovered at the corner of a film lab.

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Venicile Vyapari Malayalam Movie Review

Movie: Venicile Vyapari
Director: Shafi
Music: Bijibal
Cast: Mammootty, Kavya Madhavan, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Salim Kumar, Jagathy Sreekumar, Vijayaraghavan, Suresh Krishna

Director Shafi’s Venicile Vyapari (The Merchant of Venice) is happening in the 1980's and it is essentially about the unveiling of a murder mystery. Scripted by ‘Classmates’ fame James Albert, the film has an engaging first half which is full of dramatic twists and turns, but things tend to be a bit too predictable from then on.

Pavithran (Mammootty), a constable in a police station in Alappuzha, is sent to investigate the murder of a local coir worker Ajayan (Biju Menon). As some of the cops who had gone there for investigation were brutally manhandled by the powerful landlords in the area, Pavithran disguises himself as a coir trader. Some smart moves later, he becomes a rich businessman and quits his job as a constable. Ammu (Kavya Madhavan), who incidentally is Ajayan’s sister, falls in love with Pavithran.

With several characters, plots and sub plots which are packed pretty neatly, the story develops in a gripping manner. But things get annoying after a while as the incidents move ahead without any surprises. The repeated attempts to boost the hero make the proceedings quite melodramatic as well and the old fashioned narrative doesn’t help matters either. Shamdutt’s camera and Bijibal’s music are fine.

The ill fitting wigs, big collars and shirts with pockets on both chests could give an eighties feel, but there is nothing much beyond that to remind those times. Shafi, who is mainly known for his laugh riots, is evidently not too comfortable with the ‘whodunit’ thriller. James Albert has used several SMS jokes to bring in the laughs but quite often it sounds repetitive and ineffective.

Also, it is quite surprising that an actor of Mammootty’s stature decided to mimic yesteryear hero Jayan in the Kannum kannum… song from the 1980 hit ‘Angaadi’. Still he comes up with an impressive performance in the film. The rest of the cast including Kavya Madhavan, Poonam Bajwa, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Salim Kumar, Jagathy Sreekumar, Vijayaraghavan, Suresh Krishna, Janardhanan and Sreeraman have performed their roles in a nice way.

In an effort to narrate a story which happened some decades back, Venicile Vyapari ends up as a film in a rather outdated pattern, especially during the crunch situations. The feeling of ‘haven’t we watched all these several times before?’ may come to your mind during most sequences. Of course, the film has some nice moments in between and could be an okay one time watch.

Verdict: Average
Courtesy : Sify.com Movies

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VENICILE VYAPARI Song Kaayal Karayilaake - Mammootty & Kavyamadhavan

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Thekko Thekkorikkal - Vellaripravinte Changathi Song HD Video

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Kavya, Dileep Vellaripravinte Changathi Movie Photos, Posters

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Kavya Madhavan Manappuram Kanyaka Minnalai Film TV Award Video

Kavya Madhavan Singing Videos

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Nirapara Kavya Madhavan TV AD Videos

Kavya Madhavan Nirapara Turmeric Powder Ad Video

Kavya Madhavan Nirapara Pathiri Video Ad

Nirapara Pickles

Kavya Madhavan Film Critics Award 2011 Photos, Stills

Best Actor: Salim Kumar ( Adaminte Makan Abu)

Best Actress: Kavya Madhavan ( Gaddamma )

Best Director: Shyama Prasad ( Movie : Elektra )

Best Movie: Adaminte Makan Abu ( Produced by Salim ahamad & Ardhad )

Best Second Movie: Makaramanju ( Directed and Produced By Lenin rajendran )

Best Script: Salim Ahamad (Movie : Adaminte Makan Abu )

Best New Director: Mohan Raghavan ( Movie : T D Dasan Std 6 B )

Best Second Actress: Mamtha Mohandas

Best Second Actor: Biju Menon (Movie TD Dasan Std 6 B)

Best Comedy Artist:Suraj Venjaarumoodu( Movie : Orunaal Varum )

Best Popular & Artistic Movie: Pranchiyettan & The Saint ( Director Renjith )

Best Cinematography : MJ Radhakrishan ( Movie : Veetilekulla Vazhy ) , Shahnad Jalal ( Movie : Chitra sutham )

Best Script : Salim Ahamad (Movie : Adaminte Makan Abu )

Best Choreography : Madhu gopinath (Movie :Makaramanju)

Best Dubbing : Praveena ( Electra) , Rizababva ( Karamyogi )

Best Make up Man: Pattanam Rasheed (Movie: Yugupurushan)

Best Editor : Sobin K Soman (Movie : Pakarnattam )

Best Classical singer : Balamularikrishna (Movie :Gramam)

Best Female Singer : Rajalakshmi (Movie : Karayileku Oru Kadal Dhooram )

Best Male Singer : Hariharan ( Paatu paaduvan..Movie : Paatinte Paalazhy)

Best Music Director : M. Jayachandran – Chithrasalabhame ( Movie:Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram)

Best Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahamed (Movie:Sadgamaya)

Best Baby Artist :Krishna Padmakumar ( Movie: Janaki )

Best Background Music: Isacc Thomas Kottakapally ( Movie : Adaminte Makan Abu and Veetilikulla Vazhi )

Best Lab:Prasad color Lab

Special Jury Mention: Thalaivaasal Vijay ( Movie : Yugapurashan ), Premlal ( Movie :Aathmakatha )

Best Cinema Article: Sujith Kumar (Nostalgia Nirmikunnathu) , Dr.Biju (Kollaruthu Samvidayakare ).

Special Jury Awards: Director Vipin Vijay ( Movie : Chithrasutham ).

Best Documentary Award : Arun Punalur

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Kavya Madhavan Katha Ithuvare On Mazhavil Manorama

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Sathyan Award for Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan Stills from Vellaripravinte Changathi Movie
Cultural Forum award presented to charming Kavya Madhavan

Actress,talented, beautiful Kavya Madhavan received Sathyan award instituted by Cultural Forum from minister K.B Ganesh Kumar in a function at Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday. Deputy speaker and former transport minister M. Sakthan attended the function. Sathyan's birth anniversary was also celebrated on Wednesday by Grama Keli, a cultural organisation.Flowers were offered at the burial place of Sathyan,the legend at Thiruvananthapuram Palayam M.M. Church by Deputy Speaker M. Sakthan, Grama Keli president Adv. M.K. Premnath, general secretary Neyyatinkara Ravi and others.

Dileep Kavya Vellaripravinte Changathi Movie Photos, Stills, Gallery

Mollywood's lucky pair Dileep and Kavya Madhavan is back with another film titled 'Vellaripravinte Changathi'. This movie will be directed by Aku Akbar.  Tamil actor Prasanna will do a prominent role in this movie.

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Venicile Vyapari Movie Trailer, Video Clippings

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Kavya Madhavan Mathrubhoomi Yatra Event Photos, Stills

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