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Prithviraj and Kavya Madhavan, who were last seen together in the hit film, Kangaroo, are teaming again this year for One Way Ticket, directed by Bipin Prabhakar and scripted by Babu Janardhanan, which begins production next month.

The major highlight of the movie is that Kavya is penning the songs set to tune by Rahulraj. Kavya has several films in her kitty, including Ente Uppappakkorana Undayirunnu, Madambi, Twenty Twenty and Chempaka Raman.

Kavya Madhavan shifted to new House

Following her successful shifting to Kollywood, Kavya is also moving to her new house. The leading actress of the south has now moved on to her new house at Palachuvadu road at Ernakulam, leaving aside her apartments in DD villa, where she had been for almost a decade.

“Even though we had shifted to the new house, some of the finishing works of the house are still going on,'' says Kavya who has been more than happy for the good performance of the new movie in Kollywood ‘Saadhu Miranda’.

After the movie, she had been approached for many projects from Kollywood but still now she hasn’t given a nod to any of them.

Kavya will be seen back to back with superstar projects in their new movies like 'Maadambi' and the film by K K Rajeev, in the near future.

In a decade old career, she had never been seen playing the heroines opposite the senior superstars like Mammootty and Mohanlal.

Kavya writing lyrics

Bipin Prabhakar's new Prithviraj starrer ‘One Way Ticket' will feature songs written by its heroine, Kavya Madhavan. The actress who had for quite some time writing poetry, secretly, was forced to pen a few for the film, after the insistence by its hero Prithviraj and script writer Babu Janardhanan.

Young music composer Rahulraj will tune the lyrics that Kavya is writing for the film.The first of the song through which Kavya is foraying into lyric writing will be a typical 'Oppana' song. ‘One Way Ticket’ produced by Thiruvenkidan Productions will start rolling from the first week of March at Palakkad. The flick will be the second film of Prithviraj with the director Bibin Prabhakar, who impressed many with his first outing 'Khakhi'.


Kavya Madhavan is finally forcing her name into the list of artists, who always showed promise in the subtle but heavy roles of typical art house movies.

The artist, who was rather considered as an essential commercial heroine, changed her course with her short but sweet portrayal of Subhadra in 'Naalu Pennungal’.

After the rave reviews that she has got for her performance, Kavya is now being signed to depict Vaikam Muhammed Basheer's famous character 'Kunji Pathumma' on screen.

Kavya will appear as Pathumma in the film 'Ente Uppappakkoraana Undayirunnu' based on a story by the celebrated writer in the same title.

This new venture produced by radiant group will be directed by K P Kumaran.

Mallu hopes of Kavya Madhavan

After dabbling with Kollywood Kavya Madhavan seems to have busied herself with Malluwood now. The actress will be next seen in Siddique’s ‘Sadhu Miranda’ opposite Prasanna. Talking on a press meet, Kavya Madhavan stated, “Though I received good offers in Tamil after ‘Kasi' and ‘En Mana Vaani’, the comfort level that I enjoy in Mollywood made me focus there. Secondly I started as a child artist in Malayalam films and I know everyone here. The offers that I had missed in Kollywood have been used by my friends Bhavana, Meera Jasmine, and Nayanthara. I am not sad because I believe in destiny and what I am bound to get will definitely come to me. Now that ‘Saadhu Mirandaa’ has come my way, I am sure I’ll get more offers after the film’s release.” Sadhu Mirandaa will get released on Feb 08, 2008. Also battling queries on her private life, the actress quipped, “Though I have felt attracted to some men, but I have not fallen in love with anyone. My parents have started looking for a suitable groom for me when I turned 18, but I have postponed marriage for sometime as I need to settle in my career first.”

Kavya Madhavan with mammootty and Mohanlal
Kavya got 2 new films to act as the heroine with Megastars mammootty and mohanlal. Mohanlal's film named to 'Madambi'. Both films will shooting will start soon.

Kavya goes to Telugu ???

It's raining films in Kavya Madhavan's case. Just when the Malayalam film industry thought that she had come to the end of her career, she went on to star in a Tamil film, which directed by Malayalam film make Siddhique.

She lost weight and looks pretty good in the film 'Saadhu Mirandaa'. Since Tamil film industry continues to be crazy about heroines from Kerala, Kavya is enjoying unprecedented popularity in Kollywood right now.

Tollywood too has suddenly become very interested in her and have started approaching her with offers to star in their films!!! But, they say that she might have to become slightly more glamorous with her costumes.

Rumors have now started that Kavya is not that against the idea.

All the other heroines who made their debut after Kavya in Malayalam have become leading actresses in other languages and have already made truck-loads of money. She is now making up for the lost time.

Kavya Madhavan's new film Kangaroo released on Dec 20, 2007

Kavya in Kalabhamazha
Kavya Madhavan plays the lead role in Kalabhamazha, scripted and directed by P Sukuram. The pooja ceremony of the film was recently held at Eline Media Theatre in the capital city. Minister C Divakaran was the chief guest and Gokulam Gopalan lit the traditional lamp. The profit of the film would be given to a charitable ogranisation Lopamudra Charitable Trust functioning in Palakkad.

Director : Raj Babu
Script : J Pallassery
Producer : Isabella Movie Tone
Camera : Salu George
Cast : Jagathy Sreekumar, Lalu Alex, Salim Kumar, Harishree Ashokan, Bindu Panicker, and KPAC Lalitha

It's because Kangaroo will have the young rising star doing a job similar to that of a kangaroo. Just as a kangaroo takes her baby in its pouch wherever it goes, Josekutty (Prithviraj) will be carrying with him a one-and-half-year-old child.

Prithviraj plays Josekutty of Palakunnel family, who despite being a graduate, takes up the job of an auto driver, in order to support his family, which is suffering from a financial crisis. Kind-hearted Josekutty has a good friend circle too--Manmadhan, Chellappan and Prasanth. Once, when he happens to find a one-and-half-year-old child on the streets, he decides to adopt and bring up the child. Since that moment, he takes the child wherever he goes, providing him all needed care.

Kavya Madhavan is the heroine and Jayasurya is the other male lead. Jayasurya teamed up with Prithviraj for the first time in 'Swapnakoodu', a hit film and again in the super-hit Classmates. They were again seen together in the recent hit Chocolate.

The movie, slated for release this Christmas, will be brought to theatres by Lal Creations.

Prithviraj - Kavya Madhavan's new film Kangaroo Releasing date fixed.
This film is scheduled as Christmas release on December 20, 2007.

Saadhu Mirandaa Releasing date will be announced soon

Malluwood’s most adorable actress Kavya Madhavan is much loved for her simplicity and graceful demeanor. While many of her contemporaries have gone ahead to try their luck in various other south films, she is still glued religiously to Malayalam films.

This actress with an experience of over ten years in films has never been spotted doing a crude act in any of her films. She has proved that skin-show isn’t the only way for garnering love and fame. Kavya is all set to try her luck in Kollywood for the second time with Siddhique’s ‘Saadhu Mirandaal’.

Kavya states, “I won't be acting in a glamorous or exposing role, even if they offer a crore for a film.” This proves that the actress is stepping into Kollywood not for glamour but for some serious acting

She has also signed up a number of Malluwood project like ‘Kangaroo’ with Prithviraj and ‘Chembakarman’ and ‘Rikshakaran’ with Mammootty.

Naalu Pennungal Released Today.

November 02, 2007. Friday.
Adoor Gopalakrishnan's new film Naalu Pennungal releasing today. Kavya Madhavan, Padmapriya, Geethu Mohandas, Manju Pillai, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Nanditha Das are in lead role. Mukesh, Manoj K Jayan, Murali, Ravi Vallathol, Sreejith Ravi etc are other cast. Padmapriya is in the role of a prostitute (Vesya), Nanditha Das as 'Nithyakanyaka', Geethu Mohandas as a Virgin Girl (Kanyaka) even after marriage, Maju Pillai is doing role of house wife, she don't have any childrens after marriage. Kavya Madhavan given her own voice (dubbed herself) for this character in this movie. Earlier she dubbed herself for the charaters in Mizhi Randilum, Kilukkam Kilukilukkam, Seelabathy etc..

This film already noticed in International level. Its selected to Indian Panorama and for International Film Festival etc...

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 02 (IANS) Malayalam film director Adoor Gopalakrishnan, back in business after five years with his 10th feature film "Nalu Pennungal", Wednesday said the movie has been hailed at international film festivals.

The Dada Saheb Phalke Award winner said the movie was screened at the Toronto and London film festivals and won good reviews from critics.

"Set in the 60s, the film tells the tale of four women, each coming from a different social stratum. It was quite a difficult task to weave a film story linking these four different women because the characters were taken from four short stories of the great writer Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai," said Adoor.

"The period of the 60s had to be recreated without leaving out anything. Since I do my films after a lot of research, I think I have done a remarkable job," he said.

The film, which will be released Thursday, has been co-produced by Adoor and Martin of Emil & Eric Digital Pictures.

Martin said: "The commercial viability of this film was never on my mind because I have produced several films. While I make money on other films, a film by Adoor is in a class of its own, where considerations are beyond the box office collection

Direction & Screenplay: Adoor Gopalakrishnan Story:
Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai
Cast: Nandita Das, Geethu Mohandas, Padmapriya, Kavya Madhavan
Cinematography: M J Radhakrishnan
Editor: B Ajithkumar
Music: Isaac Thomas

The film distills to a rare purity four tales of village women in south India. Their titles are elemental: The Prostitute, The Virgin, The Housewife and The Spinster. In each, a woman submits to a role society decides for her. Each role offers a paradox of freedom and bondage in nearly equal measure.

In the first story, Kunju Pennu accepts a proposal from Pappukutty and enters into an informal marriage, giving up her profession as a prostitute to do so. Both are desperately poor and live outdoors on the pavement, but they believe in the honour of their new status. That honour is shattered when police catch the couple in a compromising position one night and drag them to court on obscenity charges. Their only defence? They are husband and wife.

In The Virgin, Kumari's parents are happy to marry her off to a man from another village, but disgusted when he returns to visit and eats every last morsel of food they can offer. These scenes are both comic and alarming. After the meal, her new husband leaves, never to return. Kumari must face the shame of the situation, but also the ironic fact that her husband's only gift to her was the one thing he should have - by traditional right - taken.

The last two stories play out in a similarly trenchant fashion. A housewife is unable to produce a child. An old school friend offers himself to her as a surrogate stud, and his moustache is no doubt tempting. But what of the consequences? And in The Spinster, Nandita Das gives a heartbreaking performance as a woman, whose younger sister marries before her. With spinsterhood fast approaching, she eventually moves in with her sister and husband, but that causes more problems than it solves. She soon opts to face the world on her own.

Naalu pennungal will be released on November.

2 Malayalam Films has been selected to play in International Movie Festival. One is Adoor's Naalu Pennungal and the other one is Paradeshi.

Kavya Madhavan - Prithviraj's New film 'Kankaaroo' started.

Kavya Madhavan's New film starting shortly.

Kavya Madhavan and Mammootty are now set to work together soon for a new film. Earlier Kavya Madhavan was supposed to act Mammootty's heroine in the film ‘Nasarani’ but was later she walked out and replaced with Vimala Raman. Now Kavya will be playing Mammootty's heroine in noted T.V. Serial Director K.K Rajiv's new debut film. Marikkar Films is producing the same. The film is supposedly a family thriller.

Kavya Madhavan is very thrilled at the moment, as it was her dream to play lead opposite the superstars. She had formerly worked with him as a child artist in Kamal's ‘Azhakiya Raavanan’ and the popular song ‘Vennila Chandanakinnam’ was picturised on them. Later she did many other roles as co-artist with Mammootty in Raakshasaraajavu, Aparichithan etc.. This film will start in the first week of November in Tiruvananthapuram.

Oct 15, 2007.
Kavya Madhavan completed the work of her new tamil Film Saadhu Miranda and came back to Kochi on Oct 15th. Next she will be doing K.K. Rajeev's new film as Mammootty's heroine.

Kavya Madhavan with Mammootty in a New Film. - Sep 25, 2007

Kavya Madhavan and her fans were much worried as she walked out from Mammooty's Nasrani citing it as a usual role. Many in the circuit felt that it was a missed chance to project her opposite bigger heroes.

But now Kavya is making good over that, as she now has signed another film opposite Mammootty that is to start shorly.

The new flick Rikshskaaran directed by M Padmakumar, will have her paired as the heroine for the first time opposite Mammootty. Kavya is playing the role of an Advocate Indulekha in the film , which will be at floors by the last weak of November. T.A. Razaaq is the Script Writer.

She will again appear as the heroine of Mammootty in another film which will be directing by K.K. Rajeev.

Kavya Madhavan's Birthday.

It was her birthday on Sep 19, 2007.
Lets wish her Happy Birthday....

Kavya Madhavan in a new LOOK

Kavya Madhavan would be seen in a modern repertoire soon flaunting a glamorous look, sporting a lean body having lost some weight, with straightened colored hair and thin shapely eyebrows in Siddhique's new Tamil film titled ‘Saadhu Mirandaal’. she is cast opposite Prasanna here. In the film Kavya is playing a bold TV anchor. There has been buzz about her new fangled look, which is creating curiosity among her fans and supporters.

In Kavya’s twelve-year-old career span in Malayalam she has never come across to have a different look in her films. Most of the directors preferred to cast her in the stereotype role of a soft-spoken Malayalee girl. But with this new refreshing look Kavya is enjoying herself and the attention she is getting with the film.

Kavya has been a successful actress in Malluwood but the same cannot be said about her in Tamil. She was introduced to Tamil films with ‘Kasi’ and ‘En Manavanil’. But both these films did not do well and she got limited success there. She refused to do any other films and particularly the ones in glamour roles.

Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri Released on July 27, 2007

Nadiya Kollapeta Rathri released on 27th of July. The film which is a murder mystery on a moving train is the first of its kind in Malayalam. The movie is being tried on a different presentation style by the director K Madhu and scriptwriter A K Sajan. Kavya Madhavan, Suja Kaathika and Ridhya appear as Nadiya , an internationally famous shooter, Thulasi Mani, a famous classical dancer and Shreya Mariya, a T V reporter, who gets killed in the moving train. The film will also be a decisive one for its lead man Suresh Gopi who has got no big hits in 2007.

The film produced by Krishna Kripa Productions will make a release on 38 centers across Kerala state.

Kavya Madhavan in Tamil movie Saadu Mirandal

Kavya Madhavan was the only actress, who never thought of migrating to the other film industries. The charm of Malluwood, was happy with the projects in the Malayalam film industry and her hands were always full. She had rejected all the offers that came from the other film industry.

The actress was first introduced in Tamil by Malayalam director Vinayan in his film Kasi and En Manavathil. As both the films bombed, she rejected all the offers which came through.

She is now making a comeback and this time it will be more powerful than her previous short stint. Siddique, the director known for mega hits in Malayalam, will direct her in her new film Sadhu Miranda. He has earned his success in Tamil films with Friends and Engal Anna.

Prasanna is playing the lead in the movie - a role of an unemployed graduate and Kavya in the role of a TV anchor. She had to change her looks in order to look glamorous. She straightened her hair, coloured it and reduced the thickness of her eyebrows.

The pooja ceremony was recently held at Senthil Studios. Sadhu Miranda is a film with a clean, good script.

Other casts include Abbas, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Kalabhavan Mani, Charlie, Ramesh Khanna, MS Bhaskar and Karunas - the list of artists goes on. They will ensure that the film will treat its viewers to a hearty laughter session.

Kavya Madhavan In Tamil

Kavya Madhavan who was introduced to Tamil movie audience as Vikram's sister in Kasi did not make any other appearances in Tamil movies and was concentrating on Malayalam movies instead.

However at present she is acting in the movie Sadhu Miranda directed by 'Friends' Siddique. The movie is a remake of a Telugu film, which itself is based on he movie Sathyam Sivam Sundaram.

For some reason the movie was never released in Telugu. But the movie is now being made in Tamil with Prasanna playing the lead role. Abbas plays the villain.


Joshy's new film Nasraani was much in the news for the specialty of its lead, which had Kavya Madhavan playing the female lead for the first time opposite Mammootty. The latest news is that Kavya has backed out from doing the film.

The presence of a strong second heroine seems to be the reason for Kavya for not doing the film. No one has suggested earlier about the presence of another heroine in the film. But now after the pooja, Ranjitheettan made clear about my role in the film which has less prominence compared to the other female character.

"I had done these types of characters many times before. I prefer to share the lead with Mammootty in a more important role, next time. That's why I thought it better not to become a part of the film. I have even given back the advance, that I had for the film", said Kavya about the new developments.

Kavya is presently making another attempt in Tamil with the new film directed by ace director Siddhique. Prassanna will appear as her hero in the film, which will start in a couple of months.

Mammooty with Kavya Madhavan in Nasrani

Veteran Malayalam superstar Mammootty, who has been teaming up with young Malayalam heroines of late, has been cast alongside Kavya Madhavan in the film 'Nasrani'.

Mammootty first acted with Kavya a long time ago when she was a child artiste. Although she has been part of the supporting cast of films starring Mammootty, this is the first time the two are the leading pair in a film.

Mammootty is past 50 while Kavya is in her mid-20s. Of late, Mammootty has been acting with very young heroines.

Meera Jasmine stars with him in 'Orae Kadal', for which shooting has just ended. He was paired with Gopika in his last release 'Mayavi'.

Whenever asked about the age gap between him and his heroines, Mammootty, unfazed, poses the question: 'Isn't your wife younger to you?'

Fans have huge expectations from 'Nasrani' because accomplished director Joshy is directing the film. Nasrani is a colloquial term for a rich Syrian Christian and Mammootty plays the role of a Syrian Christian estate owner.

It was Joshi who gave Mammootty's career a huge boost in the 80s with the film 'Sanghom' in which the actor essayed the role of a rich Syrian Christian. Since then whenever Mammootty has played similar roles, the film has been a huge hit.

The script for the latest film has been written by Renjith, who himself is a talented director and a close friend of Mammootty.

'This is certainly going to be an interesting film because it is incident-based and right from the start one incident leads to another,' said Renjith.

The cast of 'Nasrani' also includes Lalu Alex, Kalabhavan Mani, Biju Menon, Vijayaraghavan, Captain Raju and K.P.A.C. Lalitha.

The film is slated for release in August during the Onam festival and is expected to give Mohanlal's forthcoming film 'Alibhai' a tough competition

"Lion" goes to Tamil
Kavya's last year super hit Lion is to be remade in Tamil. The film will have Sarathkumar playing the role of Dileep in the original. The film titled Namnadu will be produced by Kanakaratna movies, who has recently made super hit movie Pokkiri.

Malayalam actress Karthika will appear in the female lead, which also have Riyaz Khan in a prominent role. The film which started its shooting last week will have music by Srikanth Deva.

Nasraani postponed!
This was to happen as Mammootty, as never before was running between four films at a time. And for the first time in his last four years, his planning is going haywire. His Onam film Nasraani according to his earlier schedules was to start next month.

But now, the film will start late and will be postponed for a further release date. Ore Kadal will be his immediate release which will hit the theatres by July 12. Mission 90 days, the action thriller by Major Ravi, will now become his Onam release.

Apart from this film, Mammootty is presently on the sets of magnum opus Pazhassi Raja which will be completed only with a shoot for another 65 days.

Mammootty has also started working for his bilingual Vande Matharam directed by debutante Karthi. Apart from these he has also earmarked his five days to appear for a cross over experimental film by debutante S Karthik.

Naadiya Kollappetta Rathri
K. Madhu's latest thriller with Suresh Gopi in the lead Nadhiya Kollapetta Rathri is into its second schedule.

The film is being shot at Shornoor and will wrap up the schedule within the first week of June. The film which is planned for an August release, have scripts by A.K. Saajan.

Suresh Gopi plays encounter specialist Sharafudeen Tharamasy in the film which also have Kavya Madhavan, Sujakarthika, Shammi Thilakan and Rajan P Dev in important roles.

Meanwhile, Suresh Gopi's latest film in theatres Time has not created any big waves among the audience.

Even though the film is talked as a different thriller, the movie is only getting sixty percent of the initial collections than expected. The film will end up becoming an average fare in terms of collections.

Find Stills from Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri at


'Nasraani', the film in which Joshy unites with the hit scriptwriter Renjith , will start its shooting by the second week of June. The films which are planned as an Onam release will have Kavya Madhavan for the first time opposite Mammootty.

Filmbuffs will have a visual treat as all the superstars of Malayalam filmdom will lead the cast in a cinema produced by actor Dileep in alliance with the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA).

According to an AMMA spokesperson today, the film, yet to be named, would feature the five pillars of Malayalam film industry; Mammotty, Mohanlal, Jayaram, Suresh Gopi and Dileep.

Apart from the superstars, the cinema would have all the 60 members of AMMA including leading actress Kavya Madhavan working for the film without accepting any remuneration, he added.

The film, for which 'puja' was performed today, produced by Grand Productions of actor Dileep for AMMA, is made as part of the AMMA's efforts to raise funds for its welfare activities.

The film will be directed by Joshi and the script for this mega project will be penned by the Sibi - Udayan duo.

The spokesperson said the shooting would start in October and the film will be in theatres by March next year.

Kavya Madhavan lost a sum of Rs. 6, 40,000
when the chit fund Vairajathan Kuri, in Neeleswaram collapsed. From the location site of her new film Nadiya Kollapetta Rathri, Kavya told Kerala Kaumudi Flash that news highlighting that she lost more is not true. Kavya Said "I joined the chitty last March in her father's name and has to get Rs 7, 40,000 from three installments".

But after compulsion, the chit fund owner Vainingal Kirshnan deposited Rs 100,000 in Madhavan's name as fixed deposit. But they have not received the receipt so far. The chit fund owner is reported missing and there are many cases against him.

Director Vinayan's new Film Athisayan Released on April 14, 2007

Kavya Madhavan heroine to Megastar Mammootty

Being the number one heroine in Malayalm, Kavya Madhavan was offered many roles as heroine against the superstars like Mammootty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Jayaram. But she was not accepted it.
But now she has many reasons to rejoice as she is selected to depict Mammootty's heroine in two forthcoming films.

The film directed by Joshy in the script of Renjith is the first film which features Kavya in the lead opposite Mammootty. The film titled as Nazrani tells a story of a Syrian Catholic family.

The second film is the one in which K.K Rajeev is debuting as the movie director. The film features Kavya as the wife of Mammootty.

Earlier Kavya acted with Mammootty in the films Oral Matram, Bhoothakannadi, Rakshasarajavu and Aparichithan.

The shooting of K Madhu's Suresh Gopi film named Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri will begin on April 5 in Kochi. The film is scripted by A K Sajan for Krishna Kripa. Suresh Gopi plays the role of an encounter specialist Sharafudeen Tharamasi. Kavya Madhavan plays Nadiya in the film. The film also has Rajan P Dev, Subair, Siddique, Suresh Krishna, Vijay Menon and many others. Anandakuttan handles camera in the film. The film will be brought to the theatres on June 22 by Dream Team.

Kavya Madhavan is greatly interested in crime thrillers. She had watched thrillers like Oru CBI in Dairy Kurippu, Jaagradha and Oru Abhibhaashakante Case Diary.

She is now acting in a thriller Nadhiya Kollapatta Rathri. “There is a general perception that it wouldn't be interesting to watch a murder mystery the second time. But I don't agree to it. I think that when you watch the film the second time, you start noticing the way the film's mystery gets unfolded”, she says.

Though Kavya is the heroine of the film Nadhiya Kollapatta Rathri, she doesn't do any investigation here. She is one of the first victims of a series of murders on a train.

Kavya Madhavan in Adoor Gopalakrishnan's Film

Adoor is making, not one but two films—‘Moonnu Pennungal’ and ‘Kallante Makan’. First one to release is a woman centric subject, with three stories put together. First layer has Nandita Das and Kavya Madhavan doing equally important roles, and there is Ashokan, Ravi Vallathol, KPAC Lalitha Ravi and Remya Nambishan in the supporting cast. Second story has Manju Pillai, Murali, Mukesh etc and the third story has Padmapriya playing a prostitute. Manoj K Jayan is also doing an important role.

Thrilled to be part of Adoor Gopalakrishnan's movie is Kavya Madhavan. She plays a prominent role in Adoor's Nitya Kanyaka.

“I am extremely fortunate to get a chance to act in a film by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. This offer makes me feel that there is a God above. It is all because of him that this film happened”.

She adds, “I still cannot believe that I am acting in his film. That's the truth. In Kerala, I am well known but my dream is to be known in India as a good actress. Now I feel I will be known all over India not as a great actress but as the actress who acted in a film by Adoor”.

Kavya Madhavan's New film starting.
"Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri"
Kavya Madhavan is going to be act in the above movie as the title character. This whodunit story features Kavya in the eponymous role of Nadia. Suresh Gopi will be the hero. He is the encounter specialist Sharafudeen Tharamasi. So there will be plenty of action and high-octane dialogues. Story and screenplay by A.K. Sajan and the film directing by K.Madhu.

Kavya in Manikandan Rappayi

Kavya Madhavan will do the main role in the film directed by actor Manikandan. Manikandan has earlier written the screen play for Mankolangal. Debutant Jayesh plays the lead role in the film produced by Janardhanan under the banner of Maharaja Films. Other casts include Harishree Ashokan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salim Kumar, Lalu Alex, T G Ravi, Jyothirmayi etc. Manikandan and Sudhakaran Pillai have written the dialogues and screenplay. The film will be shot in Kochi, Pattambi and areas of Pollachi.

Kavya First time with Lohithadas

Lohitadas, who is all set to direct Dileep for his next venture, has replaced his protégé Meera Jasmine with Kavya Madhavan for the movie. It may be recalled that Dileep had previously worked with Lohitadas in Joker and Suthradhaaran. This is Kavya's first film with the director. Kavya and Dileep play husband and wife in the film,' the director said and added the film's story revolves around their emotional incompatibility with each other.

Athisayan realse prosponded to April 2007

Most popular heroine in the Malayalam film industry
There is little doubt about who is the most popular heroine in the Malayalam film industry at present. With a large number of surveys and figures in her support which claims a 70 percent voting for her, Kavya Madhavan is the undisputed numero uno, finding a place in the hearts of Malayalam film lovers.

The year 2006 is coming to a close. A quick look back at 2006 reveals that Kavya Madhavan and Prithviraj have hogged enough limelight and established a place for themselves firmly in the industry.

Kavya Madhavan acted in half-a-dozen films this year. Her biggest hit of the year Classmates asserted her supremacy in the industry. The actress managed to forge a successful team with Prithviraj and their on-screen chemistry worked wonders.

So many actresses came and went in Malayalam, but Kavya Madhavan remains immovable. There was Meera Jasmine. Then, there was Nayantara. Soon afterwards, there were Renuka Menon and Bhavana…they all came and went, but Kavya Madhavan remained the No 1 actress in Malayalam.

For a while, she faced intense competition from Gopika. But, even that threat is no more.

But, Kavya's biggest nightmare right now happens to be a Tamilian who has made it big in Malayalam- Padhmapriya. After the fabulous debut in 'Kaazcha' and successful appearances with almost all the leading heroes in Malayalam, Padhmapriya tried her luck in Tamil. She couldn't quite become a hit there. So now, she is turning her attention back to Malayalam.

Kavya the queen of Malluwood

Kavya Madhavan is undoubtedly the most popular and successful heroine in Malluwood at present. She rules the hearts of the people of Kerala. Believe it or not, most of the surveys reveal 70 percent voting for her. So, it is clear that she is the number one heroine in Malluwood at the moment.

This prolific actress started her acting career at a tender age of five with ‘Pookaalam Varavaayi’, directed by Kamal. She made debut as a heroine through Lal Jose’s second film ‘Chandranudikunna Dikkil’ with Dileep as her hero. She went on to do films like ‘Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal’, ‘Sahayathrikaykku Snehapoorvam’, ‘Madhuranombarakaattu’, ‘Darling Darling’ and ‘Dosth’. She has been staying at the top ever since grabbing the position through films like ‘Thenkasipattanam’, ‘Oomapenninu Uriyaadappayyan’ and the blockbuster ‘Meesha Madhavan’.

She is seen most of the time with Dileep but he has also acted with other actors like Mohanlal, Jayaram, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Jaysuriya, Kunchako Boban, Prithviraj and Indrajeet. Her patience has brought about great dividends. She has built her own empire in Malluwood while her counterparts left for other languages films. She crossed the 50-film mark with Lohithdas-directed ‘Chakkaramuththu’ and her last year’s release ‘Classmates’ was the biggest hit ever in the history of Malayalam cinema.

Her success story is not going to end here. She has the fire in her to go further. So, you can look forward to enjoy many more hit films from her in the years to come.

Who ruled the Malluwood last year?

With the year 2006 ending, it’s time to review and look back at the year gone by. And the revelation is that Kavya Madhavan and Prithviraj ruled the roost last year and hogged the limelight. With this both of them also establishes their foothold at the Malayalam film industry. For Kavya Madhavan it has been a dream year, as she acted in half-a-dozen films and also bagged the biggest hit of the year with ‘Classmates’. The film affirms that she is currently the new queen of the industry. Along side Prithviraj she came up as a successful team, not to mention their onscreen chemistry, which is very striking. Prithviraj also tasted success with ‘Classmates’. Mammooty and Mohanlal had a few hits, but it was Prithviraj who hovered over them. He bagged accolades for his performance and also delivered hits teaming with director Padhmakumar. He also went ahead to establish himself in Tamil films s well.

New film Inspector Garud's shooting started.

Dileep, Kavya together for fifteenth movie

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan join hands again for yet another movie in which Dileep plays the role of Inspector Garud. The function was held at Kochi Highway Garden last week. This is the fifteenth movie that Dileep and Kavya have acted together in. This movie is action-packed and will be definitely an entertainer.

The movie launching function was started by industrialist Yatheendran, who lit the lamp. The first sequence of the film was directed by Mammootty. The songs are composed by Alex Paul and the producer is Milan Jaleel.

Dileep's recent release, Chakkaramuthu, didn't satisfy his fans because of the tragic ending. So Dileep is expecting more from this movie and he is in a position to prove his talents.

The Second Schedule shooting of the film Paradeshi is starting shortly. Director of this film is P.T. Kunjumohammed. Mohanlal is the hero in this film. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Swetha Menon and Kavya Madhavan also acting in this film.

Inspector Garud released on Jan 26, 2007.

Chakkaramuthu Released on Nov 08, 2006.

Vasthavam Released on Nov 10, 2006.

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